Our mission

Science based solutions to real world problems

We are a research-based consulting agency that delivers solutions to complex environmental issues using a broad suite of remote sensing and ecological tools.

Leadbeater's possum habitat threatened by bushfires

Modelling the next 250 years of the Central Highlands

As part of a larger team of scientists at the University of Melbourne, our recently published research about the small marsupial, Leadbeater's possum, shows that the greatest threat to their habitat is bushfires and not logging. Read our recent article in The Conversation. 

Photo by Zoos Victoria

Technical solutions to environmental issues

GeoRubix Solutions offers a range of environmental services spanning field-based observation data cleaning to big data remote sensing processing.

Remote Sensing

GeoRubix Solutions has extensive experience in a broad range of remote sensing technologies. We have processed data from optical, hyperspectral, radar, and light detection and ranging (lidar) sensors captured on a broad range of platforms including handheld (Zebedee), terrestrial (Reigl VZ series), UAV/drone, and airborne. Ask us more about how we can help process your remote sensing data.

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Ecological Modelling

Species distribution modelling of both flora and fauna require different considerations. GeoRubix Solutions has a strong publication record in both and would be happy to discuss how we can help map your species of interest. 

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Data Processing

Have large datasets that are too cumbersome to use in Excel? Would you like repeatability that allows for inputs to remain original and outputs customized? GeoRubix Solutions is happy to talk about how we can clean and process your data into a more user friendly format for all your quantitative needs.

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